About the project

Our vision for WebAR, our project for the future.

The WebAR Kit project

An introduction to WebAR Kit

We decided to create WebAR Kit because there was a gap in the open source world when it comes to augmented reality. Not that there are no projects regarding WebAR, see Artoolkit5, ArtoolkitX and AR.js, but we are only interested in new technologies, such as NFT and image tracking. We also believe that the Open Source philosophy can achieve great results, as never before. This is why we are here and we believe we can offer accessible tools to a good number of professionals and fans of augmented reality. The democratization of tools can make accessible a technology that would otherwise remain the exclusive domain of the lucky few. Open source also means collaboration, a word that can open many doors.

Why WebAR Kit? Why another organization?

Many times in open source individual projects reach a certain point and then crash for multiple reasons. But what would happen if the same code were located in an organization? Development would most likely continue, and for also this reason we have decided to create this organization.

What is the research sector of WebAR Kit?

For now, NFT markers and image tracking, but we are looking for new possibilities and new algorithms to extend the field of WebAR. WebARStudio is our tool to create a WebApp with Augmented Reality in a few clicks, it is still under development but we are confident of being able to reach a stable version of it. At the same time we are trying to create a WebARkitLib library as a basis for all the software we are going to develop. We are mainly interested in image tracking technologies for augmented reality but also other technologies, see our plan below.

Plan for WebAR Kit

We have this plan for the future of WebAR Kit:

  • Make it open and easy to use.
  • Invite the community to contribute and add new features.
  • Discuss new features in the open
  • Establish a guideline
  • Publish a roadmap
  • Get it under the umbrella of big OpenSource consortiums to broaden the audience
  • A business plan that supports OpenSource
    • Consulting
    • Dev support
    • Premium features
    • Visual AR-Editor