About us

Some words about us and... WebAR Kit.

About us

We are a group of developers with different backgrounds but in common a passion for WebAr and the interaction world. Discover us in these few lines!

Thorsten Bux

Founder of WebAR Kit. Software engineer with many years of experience, co-founder of ArtoolkitX, he developed the javascript version ArtoolkitX.js and the image 2d tracking.

website: augmentmy.world github:ThorstenBux

Walter Perdan

Co-founder of WebAR Kit. Visual artist but higly involved in the AR world. He likes to develop WebAR for his artworks. He helped to implement NFT into jsartoolkit5 and AR.js.

website: kalwaltart.com github:kalwalt

Daniel Fernandes

Software engineer with a special interest in CAD technology and AR. He developed the NFT-Marker-Creator a very useful tool for the creation of NFT markers.

website: carnaux.github.io/ github:Carnaux