The new jsartoolkitNFT with Typescript support

New feature added for a better development experience

Published: Apr 7, 2021 by Walter Perdan

We started to develop a Typescript version of jsartoolkitNFT because we plan to transcode our libraries with this language. That was the first step, the next one will be transcoding ARnft, the process is on the way see the PR, but this wasn’t possible without before porting jsartoolkitNFT.

JsartoolkitNFT our small libraries for WebAR has arrived to 0.9.1 version, and you can install as a module with npm:

npm install @kalwalt/jsartoolkit-nft

We will publish in the webarkit scoped name when it will be almost stable. We will advise you in our blog with all the informations.

We didn’t make any improve apart the Typescript langauage conversion, there are still some little refinements to do in the code, that is planned to realize.

In regards of the new Typescript feature, you don’t need to download any other typed library, types folder is present in the root folder, so everything you need to do is to install the package and import it in you project:

import AR from "@kalwalt/jsartoolkit-nft"

If you are developing on a Javascript or Typescript ambient this does the same. But in a Typescript environnment you will get all of the advantages, let say intellisense support and type checking.

We are sure that you will develop many interesting projects with it. Let us know on what are you working!

See you in a next Blog article!