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Published: Dec 4, 2020 by Walter Perdan

ARnft and JsartoolkitNFT under the WebARKit organization

Latest news in the WebARKit organization

What happened in the WebARKit community? ARnft and JsartoolkitNFT news…

Our team member and co-founder @kalwalt has transferred ownership of its repositories ARnft and JsartoolkitNFT to the WebARKit organization, to be completely part of this project. They are two little libraries for WebAR based on the WebARKitLib C++ library derived from Artoolkit5 but with only the strict necessary for WebAR. The features of ARnft and JsartoolkitNFT are: marker tracking with NFT technology (Natural Feature Tracking), ES6 standard support, modularity, Threejs rendering engine. We plan to add new features to them: Multi NFT support, other useful methods, support for other rendering engines/libraries like AframeVR, Babylon.js, performances improves. In the next weeks/month we will add some of these.

Website improvement

Our website is based on Jekyll static generator, we had change the theme for a better styling based on Bulma. We used the bulma-clean-theme, very easy to setup with nice support for Mobile. But the most important news about our website is the PWA feature. Now it can be installed as an app in the user machine, with all the tools included.

Tools and Examples in the Website

We added two new page to our WebAR Kit website: Tools and Examples.


We will host here some useful tools for WebAR. For now we added the great tool that let you create your own NFT markers, the NFT Marker Creator.


We will show our code examples here, you will find here examples with ARnft, jsartoolkitNFT, jsartoolkit5, ArtoolkitX.js and all the future libraries projects…

Future plans and devlopment

We are working to a new WebAR markerless solution, we hope that this will be a reality in a near future. We are expanding our base lib WebARkitLib with a new concept and code design. Stay tuned!